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You might be wondering?

When buying new furniture, what’s the first thing buyers should consider?

Tip #1 – Consider Your Life Style and Function Needed: So you’ve finally decided to replace that sofa — the one you got for free because your parents didn’t want it anymore and it has seen better days. Before starting the hunt, think about your life style. If you have kids or pets, stick with dark colors and stain-resistant tough fabrics, like the popular trending indoor-outdoor fabrics such as linen or tweed. Leather and vinyl are also consider great durable fabrics. Then consider what function will this new sofa serve it’s purpose or any other large piece of furniture will serve. Ask yourself if it’s going to be a furniture piece that you and your family sits on everyday or is it going to be a dining room set that needs expandable function, because you love to entertain and entertain alot. That will help you make decisions on things like fabrics, style, size, scale, and durability.

Tip #2 – Consider The Space:  Whether you live in a Mansion or a small townhouse, make sure the furniture isn’t too big or small for your house and/or room. I highly recommend measuring your space and make a space plan. I offer this as a “free service” to my customers when they purchase through our store. This can help make sure the furniture you are buying online, will fit into your space and give you piece of mind.  This is important because, you may get overly excited about a sectional that is “on sale” and just for that day (no other day)! You find yourself making an impulsive buying decision, and hope it will fit. During the delivery, you find that it can’t fit down your stairs, to get to the room it was intended for. Instantly your excitement turned into buyer remorse. Now that money you think you saved, turned into a head ache and your now second guessing yourself. It’s ok, this is common, and that is why I recommend not being purchase driven by a “sale”.

Tip #3 – Consider You Own Style and Figure out your Budget: Style is key. I like to come up with an overall design plan long before I start furnishing it. This is proven to save time and money through the multiple decision -making process and you’ll end up with a space you can feel proud of. Figure out the overall look you want to achieve and find your own personal style. This is the part that can make furniture buying fun. Get the whole family involved. Jump online and start browsing for the styles that you like and start figuring out a price range it would be in. That way you can figure out the cost of the pieces that you actually want/need for the space. This too helps figure out what you’re willing to spend or how much money you need to save up to get what you really want and can afford. Figuring out what you truly can afford, will help when you feel pressured to make a purchase that is over what you wanted to spend. I hear this far to often when I am helping clients who have purchased in the past.  They spent more money then they wanted to because they either felt pressured or didn’t have the patience to shop for the best deal. That’s why I find that online shopping can be a lot less intimidating for some people. Also, I find that it’s easier for people to negotiate more when it’s not face-to-face.

By focusing on a set price first, before considering the tips above, you may find yourself gravitating to the “on sale”items because of price. Those items may not be the exact size, style, or provide the function you actually needed, or have the quality you were looking for. You find yourself so focused on the price, that you talk yourself into the purchase. In the end, you may end up with a space that just doesn’t look put together or may not be the style you really wanted. So, planning and educating yourself is important before making the New Furniture Investment — Now you’re ready to shop!

How does the Interior Design Process work?

Melissa offers a great selection of design services, and each project is unique. You can check out our Interior Design website at Red Sofa Design by Melissa Nelson. The website will give you individual pricing on services offer and we do serve local and online Interior Design clients. If you have any specific questions or have a project you are working on, we can provide an individualized quote.

What are some telltale signs that furniture is well made? What are some signs that it is cheap, cheap, cheap?

I would say that joint construction is the main determinant of quality furniture. In construction, I would look for pieces that have a hardwood or plywood frame. For the joints, dowels (wooden pegs slotted into two opposing holes) are good, as are screws. The best joint option out there either dovetail or mortise-and-tenon. Also, corners are further strengthened by the placement of reinforcing blocks at an angle. As for quality sofa pieces, quality is defined by how long a sofa will last and retain its shape. Fabric is important, but so is great foam with an even better, strong, sturdy frame! This brings me back to the wood construction. The best sofa frame is made out of kiln-dried hardwood. The best seating support is the eight-way hand-tied springs system, sinuous spring construction, and/or web suspension. Last, consider finding out what type of filling is in the cushions and figure out what fabric will best suit your lifestyle for durability.

Construction of lower end furniture furnishings include: thin plywood, particle board, press board, and fiberboard. Anything held together with staples, nails, or is glued, is considered substandard construction, in my book. It may hold up and do the job if the piece is moderately or barely used, but it won’t last to normal wear and tear.

My best advice is that quality doesn’t come cheap, but a good quality furniture piece will last and retain its look for a longer time — -and in the end, save you money. Consider buying the best quality that you can afford.

How buyers shop for a sofa set online? How do buyers make a decision on quality, style, and comfort?

This is such a great question! Statistics show that consumers shop online first for all furniture pieces, which is a good start in educating yourself. I do think that researching what you want is important and yes, I do believe that you can shop for a sofa online or out of catalog, I do it all the time. But, I always do my homework and make sure it’s what I am wanting, so I am happy with my purchase. I recommend by asking the particular questions you have about the sofa set. You can contact us by email any time!

This will help make an educated buying decision. I do this myself when choosing the items to sell on my website. I attend the furniture market each year and I sit in everything, take a ton of notes, take actual pictures, and ask all the questions I can about the quality, warranty, how it’s made, are they imported or made in the USA, etc. This way I can come back and know what items I would personally recommend and place on my website. It’s easier buying furniture from someone that you trust and will help you make the right decision too.

If you are one who likes to sit in the sofa first, I recommend going into the store. This is part of the research process that will help you come closer to figuring out what you are looking for. I also recommend getting all the measurements of that sofa you like and finding an online option that meets or comes close to those measurements and cushion style. That way, it is a whole lot easier shopping for the furniture scale that fits your body type. I am going to emphasize again, that by educating yourself on the furniture pieces you like and prefer, you will save yourself money by shopping for it online. Now, not everyone is an online shopper. I find that it really matters on the personality of the person. I would say that there are online shoppers and there are store shoppers. I would consider myself an online shopper. Not just because I have an online store, but I have always enjoyed and sometimes depend on the convenience and I also know that I save money doing so. I don’t drive as much, it saves me time spent shopping, I don’t have to struggle hauling my kids around, and I don’t pick up extra things along the way. When I shop online, it delivers right to my home and I don’t buy extra things that I really didn’t need. For example, we have a local Lowe’s, just the other day I bought all the drapery hardware that I needed for a drapery job that I am doing. It was so much easier for me to buy it online and have it shipped to me, instead of going and picking it out in the store and hauling it home. It saves me Time, it save me Money!

I know that shopping for furniture online, saves you money because we don’t have to factor in the extra costs that stores have, but then you do have to give up the luxury of sitting in the sofa before you purchase it. So, I do believe there is always a give and take anyway you decide to do your shopping. After you do your first initial shopping online,  go to the store and educated yourself  in what you can get there too, and then shop online again and decide where you can get the best deal. Everyone wants to have a chance to compete for your business. I feel that’s the best educated way in buying, that way you know what’s out there, so you can feel confident in your investment. Patience is key to the whole furniture shopping process and I know that it is a very common behavior that consumers lack. So, take your time, don’t buy because the “sale” is going to end tomorrow, buy because you know what you are buying and then look for the deal!

We don’t have SALE DAYS at Red Sofa Company, because we offer the best and lowest price, every day! And when you in doubt, just email us and we can make personal recommendations and help you shop.

When will I be charged?

Payment is charged immediately when order is placed.

How do I know my order has been placed successfully?

We will send you an acknowledgment email on successful completion of an order on the site. This email will detail the order that you have placed We would advise you to keep this email safely as you will need your order reference number for any further queries which you may have. Failure to provide us with an order reference number on request will result in a delay with your inquiry. Once your order has been accepted and dispatched to you we will send you a confirmation email.

What steps do I take, if I need some help with recommendations?

Please contact us through the website or you can email at RedSofaCompany@gmail.com. Include what you are looking for and your personal preferences and price points and we are more then happy to help make recommendations.

The item/size I ordered is out of stock. Why was it on the website?

All items are subject to availability. Generally, if an item is showing on our website then it is available to order. However, during busy periods we may be in a position where we cannot supply an item or there may be an unexpected delay in despatch. Our system does not record individual size quantities, if you order several items in the same size you may experience a slight delay. If this is the case, we will let you know as soon as possible and will offer to substitute the item for another item of similar style/colour/ size or we will offer a refund.

How long will my order take to be processed?

We endeavor to process orders as quickly as possible as we know how exciting it is to get your order promptly however, please allow 7– 14 business days for stocked items. For all Simmons Furniture Order, they are made on demand and may take up to 4-8 weeks for production.

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  • Innovative design ideas that made our home unique!

    "Melissa had innovative design ideas that made our home unique and beautiful. I loved the design board ideas she presented. This plan guided our decisions and helped make things manageable. She is very knowledgeable in current design trends. She is organized and prompt in responding to any questions. We look forward to having many more projects with her in the future. " - Leslie

  • Personable home furnishing/design shopping experience!

    "With the expertise of Melissa, helpful design boards, and a design consultation to our home, we selected a number of home furnishings that fit our living room perfectly. If you are looking for a personable home furnishing/design shopping experience, we suggest you contact Melissa with Red Sofa Company." - Scott and Brandee

  • Like us, they’ve all been amazed!

    "We've been having A LOT of really positive conversations with subcontractors and even our Realtor about your design services. Nearly all have taken pictures of your business card and the cabinet guy even asked if you'd drop off some business cards at their shop. Like us, they've all been amazed! " - Jake and Jen