• The Future in Furniture

    The Future in Furniture

    Is SMART everything the trend?  YES!!!

    A new article was emailed to me today about the China Furniture Markets that are wanting to be the leaders in NEW SMART FURNITURE for the furniture industry.

    “We (China) are developing smart furniture, like the cabinet, desk and bed with a rising and lowering function TV stand, living room and dining room furniture with LED light, which are power saving and user-convenient. They will turn on as entering and turn off as exiting. As well as coffee table, side table, and sofa which can receive the signals from your cell phone though blue tooth……

    We know that the smart furniture can not be sold in large quantity right now, but this is a trend. We design them as early as we can, hopefully leading the industry.”

    Here are some pictures to show these new trends rolling out:

    1(09-27-17-00-51) 4(09-27-17-00-51) 9(09-27-17-00-51) GPB-04-90(09-27-17-00-51) Living room(09-27-17-00-51)(1)

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