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The Future in Furniture

The Future in Furniture

Is SMART everything the trend?  YES!!!

A new article was emailed to me today about the China Furniture Markets that are wanting to be the leaders in NEW SMART FURNITURE for the furniture industry.

“We (China) are developing smart furniture, like the cabinet, desk and bed with a rising and lowering function TV stand, living room and dining room furniture with LED light, which are power saving and user-convenient. They will turn on as entering and turn off as exiting. As well as coffee table, side table, and sofa which can receive the signals from your cell phone though blue tooth……

We know that the smart furniture can not be sold in large quantity right now, but this is a trend. We design them as early as we can, hopefully leading the industry.”

Here are some pictures to show these new trends rolling out:

1(09-27-17-00-51) 4(09-27-17-00-51) 9(09-27-17-00-51) GPB-04-90(09-27-17-00-51) Living room(09-27-17-00-51)(1)

DIY Pumpkin Dining Table Arrangement

DIY Pumpkin Dining Table Arrangement

I had fun this year since I grew my own pumpkins out of my own garden. I decided to make a family pumpkin arrangement to use as a dining table center piece and my kids LOVED it! I also am expecting so I added a little baby pumpkin as well… Anyone can do this, since we put in our yard later in the spring, my garden didn’t get planted until later and so my pumpkins didn’t turn out as big, but they are perfect size for this project. I also found great face that I cut out with my vinyl machine…Enjoy!

sepia pumkin family

DIY Spray Painted Canisters and Floral Arranging

DIY Spray Painted Canisters and Floral Arranging

I know I have been MIA for a few months. But, I have good reasons since I am expecting a baby. It’s amazing how things can totally throw you off loop when you don’t feel like yourself. But, I am hoping that when I reach month 4 soon that I might be over the sick months. It’s kind of like having the flu for 4 months straight, it makes you turn into survival mode. So, that’s where I am at right now. But, I have been able to get some great medication to help take the edge off and so it’s allowed for me to have a few days where I actually feel like myself again and so I take advantage of it.

The other day I called my husband who was grocery shopping and this was probably the 20th time I had text him or called him about what to get….Another craving he asks? I said, nope, I just need a couple can of bright Red Spray Paint. He then said, “Oh no what are going to do with that…”  – LOL! Well, this is what I had in mind… I needed to make some much needed floral arrangements to go above my cabinets and I had some recycled #10 cans around the house and thought they would be great for my floral arrangements and affordable… I also decided to spray a few other things like a front door metal wall decal that bought and a couple of my planters that line my front door. I obviously, LOVE RED, so why not give my front walk way a punch of color and make it fun…
Painting Collage







I hope you enjoyed. I hope to take pictures of my outside landscaping soon. We finally finished out vinyl fence, we have grass now and our front yard is all finished. We did plant the tree scapes on both sides of our backyard and just have to do ground cover and we will be done for our outdoor projects for now.

DIY Vinyl Projects

These are so fun vinyl projects that I have recently done around my home. There is just so many things that you can do with vinyl to dress things up and make thing unique.  – Enjoy!


Cute saying for my girls room and a perfect way to dress up the TV Wall


Family Home Evening Board



Wedding Gift


Master Bedroom Wall – My Husband and I’s Wedding Song Title


Laundry Basket


Laundry Baskets that make cute decor


I Love putting vinyl on Mirrors!

How to make a cute patio arrangement, flower pot, or center piece out of a number 10 can

How to make a cute patio arrangement, flower pot, or center piece out of a number 10 can

I don’t know about you, but I have food storage that we have in our basement and I like to rotate through it once and awhile, especially the pinto beans, their the best I have ever tasted and so fast to prepare. After I am done cooking it all, I have these #10 cans left over. I wondered what should I do with it, I should recycle it? Hmmmm. So, I came up with an idea!

Here’s the #10 can – You can do this too by just going to the LDS Cannery and buying the cans at $1.00 each. This makes for a very affordable container that you could put just about any where.


I took the can and got my Damask Wall Stencil that I have for my bedroom and decided to spray paint the Damask print onto it. This was very easy! Anyone can do this. You can get a stencil online or at a store, or you can make a stencil out of card stock and wrap it around you can and just spray it with your desired color of spray paint color… AND PERFECTO! There you have it. Since my flowers were bloomed in the picture I took, I had another pot that was bloomed to show you how lovely it really looks when the flowers are fully bloomed. I am going to make more and put them throughout my patio..

Interior Design, DYI flower arrangements, DYI patio decor

It’s Time for Landscaping!

It’s Time for Landscaping! I can finally feel it in the air and have been anticipating this season to come. For some reason I felt like Winter LASTED FOREVER this year. But, excited to see the sun and spring finally here. Every time I walk out my door, I am reminded of how much I miss a fully landscaped yard with grass. I have washed so many muddy clothes and shoes and have bathed my kids over and over again just for them to take a few minutes of playing outside. So, I will be blogging about our exciting summer of landscaping. We were thinking about taking a family trip, until we found out that we have to level out an entire yard and do two french drains because of all the settling this winter. We started calculating the fence, the tree lines I want, sprinklers, metal trim, gardening stuff, retaining walls, all the leveling and dirt, possible dig out for the tramp, making a sand box, all the ground cover, the grass, decorative shrubs, flowers, gravel, and everything else and we decided we don’t have the luxury to spend a week from getting our yard done and we need every penny to spend on our yard this year for our kids. My son even has requested a tree house, even though we have no trees. So, we might have to figure out a way if we can. I strongly feel that kids should be outside playing if they can, so I will go to all ends to do that and give them a safe place to play.

I don’t think I ever posted pictures of my finished exterior and compared it with the pre designed exterior that I came up with. You can tell there were a few changes below. The facia and sofits weren’t the color that I picked out, but when I came to visit the home, the sub contractor had already put this color on half of the house. Now, I could of had him take it all off and cause even more delay with our house, but I decided it was something I could live with, but I really would of liked to have the lighter outline of the house to go with the cream stucco trim and white windows. I was looking for contrast instead of a blending look… Other then that the pitch on the house is a bit different from the original plan, but it turned out great and close to my original design.

Before and after exterior design

Pocatello Home Front1 Pocatello-Home-Driveway-View-1


I am going to post a Before Picture and possible 3D design ideas as well and then at the very end I will post all three pictures with the after and finished yard…. So, if you are landscaping, maybe you’ll enjoy the journey with me this summer.

Pocatello Front5 front landscape

What to do with your extra drapery fabrics, Make Easter Dresses!

What to do with your extra drapery fabrics, Make Easter Dresses!

Fashion and Interior Design go hand in hand. You will notice in the trends of Home Decor that the colors that are out which are BOLD colors are also carried through with the fabrics that are available in Fashion Trends. We actually decorate in the colors we like to wear, have you noticed that? Fabrics influence alot of the designs chosen for our home accents, like our rugs, pillows, and wall coverings. So, if you like Interior Design, most likely you like the Fashion Industry as well. Their two industries that coincide and go hand in hand. And that is why I take interest in both and enjoy them both. When you look your best, you feel your best. Just like your home, when your home looks good and it’s place you can be proud of, your mood and your families mood will be created by your home environment. These are so important! Not that I am saying that you have to spend alot of money to achieve this, you don’t, but you just have to have the awareness of caring to improve your life and your families life. Who wouldn’t want to be in a better more positive mood, so start you day offer right – Get Overdressed if you need the uplift and you have my full support in decorating your home…:)

I always have fabric left over when I make my own drapes, just in case I want to make extra pillows or if we move and I need to make extra window coverings. So, I had a great idea this year to make EASTER DRESSES out of the extra fabric for my two girls and I… I found a really cute pattern online and kind of altered it to make 3 different dresses. It was a little girls pattern that goes up to a size 12 dress, so I actually made my dress using one of my existing dress measurements but still doing the same style of dress on the top to match the girls. This is a great way to make use of your extra fabrics you have lying around and a great way to save money. It may take you all day to do it, but sometimes the gifts are HOMEMADE, the ones that show that you thought about it and put effort into it. I personally love those kind of gifts – don’t you! I attached a link for the dress pattern at the very bottom of the post if your interested…


My dress was made from the fabrics for my Master Bedroom



My oldest daughter’s dress was made from fabrics from my living room and I wanted to incorporate the yellow fabric from my laundry room since my other daughter also had the yellow fabric. Here dress is from the original pattern and I thought it was the cutest dress. It is a tad long, but a dress that I think she will be able to wear for a while and also it’s a great dress for summer.dress



My youngest daughter’s dress was made from the fabrics that I chose for my laundry room valance. I love this colors and I also used the black trim to make a headband and extra scrape fabric pieces to hot glue a fabric flower blow to go with it. Here dress I made a little different and a little more form fitting to look like a style of a mermaid dress. This dress was also way fun to watch her wear, even though she is at the age where she still pulls all the bows and headbands off her head and messes up all her hair (at least I tried)….:)




Also, I didn’t want to leave my son out, so I decided to make him a matching tie to wear.

CLICK HERE on how to make a Tie!

easter 2013

So, next year keep this in mind when you thinking of what to do for your daughter’s Easter Dresses and Easter Ties!


2013 Interior Design Style Trends

2013 Interior Design Style Trends

It’s always fun to see the latest style trends introduced at the furniture show each year. I thought I would share some with you all.

Decorating Ideas right in time for VALENTINES DAY!

Decorating Ideas right in time for VALENTINES DAY! I have been meaning to get my own master bedroom finished and I finally took the time the other day to stare at my wall and visualize what I wanted to do. I knew that I wanted to something that meant something to both my husband and I. At the beginning my  first thought was to do something along the lines of the words of our wedding song. But, then I just didn’t find the time to do it and I thought, when I know it’s my final house, I think I might actually do it then. But, I still wanted to do something like that. I decided to used the damask stencil that I purchased from Cutting Edge Stencils. I love stencils, yes, I prefer them over wall paper ANY DAY! They are a little more time consuming at the first, but when it comes to changing them out, you just paint over them. Plus, you can customize it if you want and make it any color that fits your space. This is what I did in my own Master Bedroom.

Here’s what it looked like before……

master-bedroom, wood-iron-bed, interior design, interior designer, interior design blog

And then I begun my creativeness on night when my husband was working late and had no idea what I was doing, I wanted it to be a surprise and I wanted to see how long it would take me to do it.

FYI – I recommend waiting for your kids to be in bed or at school, because it is difficult keeping them away from anything that requires WALL ART…:)

damask-wall-stencil-1 damask-wall-stencil-DYI

Here is the finished product the morning after…. It turned out great, I wanted it noticeable, but not to stand out since I had another layer to add.



And then I started designing my last layer that I did on my vinyl cutter.  I wanted it to make a statement, but I didn’t want to make it overly busy, So I came up with the idea that I thought would look the best
which was the Title to our wedding song, which is very appropriate for our bedroom and for my husband and I’s relationship. The Title is “ForEVER”….

forever5 forever2 forever4

I also know that when anyone comes into our bedroom, they will understand the feeling of our bedroom and that I wanted to create a space, just for us. If you notice, there are no kids pictures in my bedroom, their all completely us. Last summer, I planned a surprise photo shoot for my husband and I to have pictures taken in Logan, Utah. The place we Fell in Love, where we met, where we got married. I wanted to bring those memories and feelings into “our” space and I thought this was the best way to do that. We had alot of fun. We have pictures taken at my old Sorority house where we met. We had pictures taken in Downtown Logan by the Clock where Sam got my wedding ring. I still remember the day he took me into Nedhams to look at rings, we both ran out thinking we were crazy….We also had pictures take in front of the Logan Temple, where we were sealed and married. So, it was alot of fun and I highly recommend coming up with a way to make your master bedroom about you and your spouse. Find a way to help remember great memories. These will help bring back those feelings and help you enjoy your space.


I am a FIRM believer that we are influenced emotionally by the spaces that we create for ourselves and our families. You would be amazed how it can set a mood and tone in your home. Your children will react to it, without even thinking that they are. Give them a space that feels like home, a place that invites family unity, a place they can feel proud of.  If you want to keep an eye on your kids, this is the way to do this. They will bring friends to your home, you’ll see them more often, and you’ll know what their doing.

I hope you enjoyed my post – until next time….


Living Room Interior Design

Living Room Interior Design is more of a personable design space. It’s where you gather your family, it’s might be the room you use the most. SO MAKE IT IMPORTANT! The feeling of the room needs to feel inviting, uplifting, happy. These can be achieved by so many elements such as paint color, decor, color in your accessories, furniture placement, family pictures, textures, and so much more. Before you ever start, think about what the space will mainly be used for and who will it be used by and start the design process.

I finally made it to the main room of our home, the Living Room, Kitchen and Dining area!!! What a busy holiday season! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with your loved ones. I can’t believe I haven’t done any holiday posts this season, but there is always next year. I do happen to have a few decorations up throughout my home in these pictures. I wish I could say that I had all my decorations up, but again it just seemed like the I end of this year was so busy, that it just flew by so fast. And I always recommend in decorating to not KILL YOURSELF doing it, Enjoy it! If you can’t do it all at once, that’s ok, baby steps.

So, this is the most used room out of my home since we haven’t yet finished out basement. I did pick a blue color for the walls in my kitchen and an accent wall in the living room and accented with my signature and favorite color, RED! It is alittle more modern, then my usual cardinal red, I did throw in the coral red tones this time and I really LOVE IT!! I do love the rugs, their really hard to miss….:)

All the lighting is great, it does so much for the space. My dining lights are from Uttermost and the beautiful ceiling light is from Vaxcel. The sofa sets is from Simmons and I would say it’s the best Leather Sofa Set that I have had. This last summer, I attended the Furniture Show and I sat in EVERYTHING and this one was my TOP CHOICE! So, if you in need of a sofa set, this is on top of my recommendation list. I also love the recliners because their oversized and I can rock not just (1) baby, but (2) and possibly all (3) of my kiddos and still be comfortable. That’s an important factor.

So, let’s get on with it, shall we….


custom-window-treatments-pocatello-idaho Dining-design-ideas entry-way-decor fireplace-design IMG_0160 Interior-Design-Holiday-Ideas Interior-Design-Ideas Interior-Design-Pocatello-Idaho Living-Room-Design-Ideas paris-artwork wall-decor White-Kitchen-Cabinets

And that is my Living Room Interior Design Space!

Moving onto the Kitchen, I put alot of detail into what I wanted. I knew that I wanted lighting cabinets this time around and  I really loved the Antqiue washed Cabinets and I mixed it with the new aged brown cabinetry look that I am also really liking. I would say it’s lighter then walnut, but darker then chestnut with a walnut antique rub. Now that I have confused you all, let’s show some pictures. All the window coverings are also custom made by my little hands and I do sew custom draperies for my clients. So, if you are ever in need of custom draperies, you know where to come!

I am almost finished with my kitchen, it’s basically finished, I just have a few more decorating ideas that I still want to do….

I will show you them later when I finish them up.


You can see More Pictures of the Kitchen on my

NEW Interior Design Website!!!  CLICK HERE

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